Melbourne, you stunner!

Since moving to Melbourne in 2005, and establishing myself as a well ingrained local of nine years, I can’t believe that I’ve never seen the city at from such a different perspective (other than the street).That of and eagle’s eye view(ish). That of Eureka. 

After slipping my mind on a slow Thursday morning, with an outlook reminder of a meet-up starting in 5, venue being level 89 of the Eureka building, I was pleasently (and quietly) surprised at the sheer beauty of the city I call home. 

As lame as it might all sound, Melbourne, you really are a stunner. 


summer inspired

First painting in a long time – feeling very inspired by the better weather that summer brings. Expect to see more bright, summer inspired pieces coming very soon!

I will also be carrying around my camera around more than usual – so more happy snaps (well not entirely) but pics to document my surroundings.